A Photographer

Nikesh & Vinicha

This guy is seriously talented, professional and very humble. Trush you are a member of the family now! Thanks for making this possible for me and my partner and also giving us life time memories! It is a very important moment of my life and you are the right person for this job!

We couldn't ask for more... a big hug and thank you, keep spreading your magic!

Brilliant Work!

Brijesh & Dhara

Trush is an amazing photographer. I met him at a wedding a few years ago where I was extremely impressed with his creative photography skills. I then went on to book him for my wedding and the day was captured beautifully. Trush is highly talented and very professional. We really enjoyed working with him and could not have found a better person to capture our perfect day! Thanks Trush.. Keep up the good work.


Rikesh & Vikita

Trush truly knows ow to capture and create a once in a lifetime moment! We had the honour of having Trush throughout our events and he was incredible! All the events were documented and captured perfectly, he has given us memories we will treasure forever. His experience and professionalism shined throughout, allowing us to relax and enjoy our special day. He has exceeded our expectations in every possible way and we cannot recommend him highly enough!

Maahant & Chandni

Talent beyond words! We literally are speechless and words can't describe how blessed we feel and just how thankful we are!

All our love...


Sunny & Komal

Trush and the whole team are super amazing to work with...

full of energy, positive energy and very cooperative. Had a great time wit them!! The photography is AMAZING and OUTSTANDING. I would def want to work with him again in the future... Trush you're a

SUPER HERO and I LOVE your work!

Brides Sister... Priyanka x

Priyesh & Arti

I would highly recommend Trush to anyone who is looking for the highest quality of photography! Trush captures moments that are simply unforgettable!


He is very easy to work with and felt like I've known him for years! Love the honesty and humble attitude backed with professionalism and attention to detail.


Mehul & Shivani

Trush was our photographer on our wedding day and reception. On your wedding day, you spend a lot of time with your photographers so it's great to have someone that makes you feel comfortable and that you can have a giggle with. Trush is exactly that! He has crazy amounts of energy and was even climbing up bannisters to get the perfect shot! Our wedding photos are beyond stunning and his work really speaks for itself. I loved working with Trush and would highly recommend him to anyone.

Vishal & Roma

Trush did the photography for my wedding and all I can say is book him without hesitation! He made us feel comfortable and was extremely friendly and became part of the family. The photos he took were outstanding and really creative.

Thank you for all your hard work and the memories that you have created for us forever!!

Can't wait for you to take pics for us again in the future!!


Ravi & Smita

His skills and professionalism were matched by his fun personality to be around on our special day.

My husband and I were initially very worried when we arrived for our pre shoot at St Pancras International. Most couples choose a scenic location but we wanted to have it where we met. Trush reassured us about the location and took such creative and artistic shots around the entire station! After seeing these photos we knew we were in safe hands for our Indian wedding day.

Trush didn't fail to keep us laughing throughout our ceremony and he made sure he was in all the key places to capture every part of the wedding. My most rememberable one was Trush showing me how to be dipped by being the bride in my husband's arms like something from strictly! He always got the shot, in absolutely any location and made the photos feel like you are reliving the moment!

Neel & Dharmee

Trush showed creativity, patience, dedication and great attention to detail throughout our pre shoot process and embraced our desire to create something unique and unusual.

We were amazed by the edits and final shots and the quick turnaround time. It was a pleasure working with him.


Jason & Maya

Finding the perfect photographer to capture one of the most important events of your life is almost as important as finding the perfect dress! As they are the eyes to capture all the details, emotions and things going on and leave you with memories you can visually share forever.

I hate having my photo taken and was nervous from the start. I didn't want a pre shoot but Trush persuaded us to and made me feel at ease from the start.. he explained that the day would be chaotic, crazy and full of people pulling us every which way and so to nail the shots we wanted we needed to plan, visualise and learn his secret lingo... (secret lingo... I thought he was mad but on the days of the events it was the lingo that made it all happen!!!)

We had two weddings and 4 events in total in various locations in the UK and then in Rome. I created mood boards and the aim was to ensure that every event was shot in a different style with different poses as I didn't want anything same same!!

Trush was beyond amazing. In the UK we had a big team working with him but in Rome which was the most important to us he was alone. We got married in the Vatican which had many restrictions and rules that we needed to stick to.

We had a last minute change and he had to work with a video team he had never met and we really threw him in at the deep end. He handled this amazingly well and worked tirelessly to get all of the shots we needed over or three days of events.

To say that he went above and beyond is an understatement. We had limited time to get all the shots wanted and were cramming in shoots wherever we could around guests arriving, last minute adjustments and meetings with the events teams all of us running on no sleep and little food however there was no complaining, a lot of laughing and ridiculously crazy photos.. Oh and a lot of telling off by the Romans for being in places we shouldn't be!!!

The photos are a dream with many people continually asking if we were super imposed as they can't believe  the beautiful shots Trush captured for us. All of our events are shot in a unique style and tell a beautiful story of their own.

I can't recommend Trush enough, I will only use him for any photography that we will need. Working with him was a total pleasure and the results... well you can see for yourself.