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A Photographer

The images Trush create are influenced by environment and location. Images are not always about the people he photographs, instead he see's them as actors playing a part. It is important that there is a strong connection between the location and people in his images. Aesthetics always plays a role, but it should support the overall vision. Trush tries to be transparent in his work. He prefers the viewers to see the images with their own eyes, and bring their own interpretation.

London-based A Photographer was started by Trush in 2017 with the aim to channel his passion for photography and his eye for creativity into immortalizing the happiest moments of his client’s lives. Trush strongly believes that every picture tells a story, brings back a memory, and takes you back in time, and he constantly strives to lend his clicks the power to preserve special moments for eternity.

From a young age, having an eye for beauty and the creativity to transform an image into so much more than a picture, A Photographer hit the ground running in 2017 and has had an upward journey since. Trush’s passion and love for his job clearly reflect in his work, and in a short frame of time, he has made his mark as a luxury photographer for International Asian weddings.

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